Best Backpack Blower Shootout

What does it feel like to have Hurricane Irma lashed to your shoulders? Wearing any of the main backpack blowers will give you a nearby portrayal. With air speed surpassing 200 MPH and CFMs going after four digits, these creature air movers make short work of leaves and cutter shrapnel. So they all blow and none of them suck! Which one rules? We give you something beyond a champ in our best backpack blower shootout.

Shindaiwa – Wet Sand Testing

Shindaiwa – Wet Sand Testing

Numerous producers make leaf blowers, extending from handheld to backpack, 2-stroke to 4-stroke, gas and cordless. In any case, with regards to the backpack blowing monsters, this rundown limits before long. We the test the seven best in this gathering of the best backpack blowers. Our testing incorporates certifiable use notwithstanding logical instruments, conveying huge amounts of information. We wrap it up into one little bundle, only for you.

Shootout – at the OK Corral

Not to ruin the consummation, but rather we’ll give you a piece of what’s to come. Testing and utilizing the best backpack blowers transformed into testing, and testing, and testing, and all the more testing. Sorry for the repetitive excess. You could put six of these seven blowers in a drum, shake it up and dump one out. The one that turns out, paying little mind to mark, will effectively total your jobs that needs to be done, thus deciding the best is a fantastic undertaking.

On the off chance that these blowers were sent into a gunfight against each other, they’d either exit closest companions or all look like swiss cheddar. All the immense diagrams and information are underneath, which we make as goal as could be allowed. We do our best to finish up with repeatable outcomes, upheld up with genuine information, not simply considerations and thoughts.


At last, we have seven brands in our best backpack blower shootout. Incorporated into the gathering are Stihl, RedMax, Echo, Husqvarna, Makita, Shindaiwa, and Maruyama. Efco was the main producer that declined to enter their trusty steed into the race, so perhaps some other time. Continue with alert – you might be astounded!

Try not to Weight on Me

When you have a blower tied to your back, cushioned lashes make distinction, yet let be honest, it’s about the weight. We measured them every one of, different occasions, with our computerized hanging scale. These are altogether dry-weight numbers, so no fuel is in the tanks.

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